Friday, January 20, 2017

Welcome back!

Dear S3-06,

Welcome back! It's 2017!!!

Since it's the first post of the year, I will keep it short. And I would also now invite all of the subject reps (temporary or permanent) to start posting on the blog. You can post:

1. homework reminders
2. deadlines for project work
3. something to share from class
4. announcements

or anything related to the class (please be responsible in posting(s)).

I will start first since I'm sending you off to OBS so early in the year.

1. Not to bring your homework to OBS (although there are loads to be done)
2. Have an open-mind to accept new challenges/ do something that you have not done before
3. Keep safety as the priority regardless of what you do
4. Lookout for each other
5. Don't be shy to take on roles (leadership) when with your peers (you may be surprised by your capabilities)

Last but not least, do enjoy yourself!

I will leave you with an article to ponder about leadership (for everyone) as we do understand that within a group, it may sometimes be conflicting to have more.


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